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    Gym/Fitness Order Form

    Paper Goods
    Gym Wipes 4 Rolls/Case 6,000 Count

    Brown Roll 800' 6/Case

    Brown Roll 350' 12/Case

    White Roll 800' 6/Case

    Center Pull Paper Towels 6 Rolls

    10” White Premium 6/Case

    9” JRT Toilet Paper 12/Case

    Facial Tissue Single Box

    Cups and Lids
    24oz Clear PET Cup 600/Case

    16oz Clear PET Cup 600/Case

    3.25 oz Portion Cup (Sample Cup) 2,500/Case

    4 oz Portion Cup (Sample Cup) 2,500/Case

    12oz Clear PET Cup 600/Case

    Dome Lids for 16 & 24oz Cups per Case

    Flat Lids for 16 & 24oz Cups

    Garbage Bags
    33x40 Clear HD Liners 500 per Case

    38x60 HD Liners 200 per Case

    55-Gal Garbage Bags 2ML 100/Case

    Blue Recycling Bags 50/Case

    24x33 Liners 500/Case

    24x24 Liners 1000/Case

    Dish Soap Aqua Marine 4/1 Gal
    Hand Sanitizer 4/1 Gal
    Pink Hand Soap 4/1 Gal
    Foam Soap Deb Azure 6/Case
    Air Freshener Time Meter Mist Spray Assorted Scents 12/Case
    Streak Free Window Cleaner 4/1 Gal
    Floor Cleaner Heavy Duty 4/1 Gal
    Laundry Detergent (Tidal Wave) 4/1 Gal
    Fabric Softener (Ocean Breeze) 4/1 Gal
    Lavender Mist All Purpose Cleaner 4/1 Gal
    Urinal Screen 12 per Case
    Quat Cleaner 4/1 Gal
    Deodorizer 1 Gal
    Bleach 6% 6/1 Gal
    Concentrated disinfectant (Morning Mist) 4/1 Gal
    Clorox Disinfecting Wipes 30 Count
    Magic Eraser 6/Case
    Sanitizer Tablets 100/Case
    Shower Gel 4/1 Gal
    Disinfecting Spray 12/Case
    Disinfecting Spray 1 Each

    Mop Head
    Mop Stick
    Mop Bucket & Ringer
    Spray Bottle
    Spray Trigger
    Vinyl Gloves Powder Free 1000/Case Small
    Vinyl Gloves Powder Free 1000/Case Medium
    Vinyl Gloves Powder Free 1000/Case Large
    Vinyl Gloves Powder Free 1000/Case XL
    Vinyl Gloves Medium 1 Box
    Vinyl Gloves Large 1 Box
    Vinyl Gloves XL 1 Box
    Nitrile Gloves 1000/Case Large
    Nitrile Gloves 100/Case XL
    Nitrile Gloves Large 1 box
    Nitrile Gloves XL 1 box
    Latex Gloves Medium 1 box
    Latex Gloves Large 1 box
    Latex Gloves XL 1 box
    Brillo Pads 120/Case
    Green Scouring Pads 6x9 20/Case
    Stainless Steel Pads 12/Pack 72/Case
    Paper Towel Dispenser
    Soap Dispenser
    Single JRT Toilet Paper Dispenser
    Double JRT toilet paper dispenser
    Air Freshener Metered Mist Dispenser
    Gym Wipe Dispenser

    If you need something not listed or have a special request, please state it here.